Tips for Raising Funds

  1. It all starts with a great product or service. Make sure people would be willing to purchase or use your product or service before moving too far along.
  2. Decide on a reasonable Fundraising goal. Too high and you may not get funded, too low and you may not have sufficient capital to grow your business.
  3. Hit the ground running. Do not go into a crowdfunding campaign without any ammo. Make sure you have a fan base and interested customers that will want to get involved with your campaign as soon as you post it.
  4. Connect, Connect, Connect. Make sure you constantly interact with a multitude of social circles to market your campaign. Continue to be active until the very last second of your campaign.
  5. Follow Up. Be sure to thank your funders and keep them update. This will help you in the long if and when you decide another round of funding is critical.